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About Us             


    Accreditation Overview        
       Reports & Approvals        
       MN Office of Higher Education  


Employment Opportunities        
        Employment Forms        
        Employee Training        

            Annual Training    


   Strategic Planning            
Strategic Plan for 2016-2020        
        Annual Report on Strategic Plan        
        Strategic Planning Committee

Organizational Chart        
        Board of Regents        
        Faculty Senate        

   Assessment of Teaching and Learning            
Institutional Outcomes        
        Program Outcomes  
2017-2020 RLNC Academic Catalog    
A.A. Liberal Education    
                A.A. Graduation Requirements
            A.A.S. Social and Behavioral Sciences    
                A.A.S Graduation Requirements
Course Outcomes        
        Co-Curricular Outcomes
RLNC Most Recent Semester Event List    
   Institutional Effectiveness            
 Institutional Data        
Fact Sheets        
Institutional Effectiveness/Assessment Plan        
         Institutional Effectiveness Committee        
         Achieving the Dream Survey Data  

   Student Right To Know 


Apply Now        
2017-2020 RLNC Academic Catalog    
A.A. Liberal Education    
                A.A. Graduation Requirements
            A.A.S. Social and Behavioral Sciences    
 A.A.S Graduation Requirements
          Transfer Students        
          Non-Degree Seeking  
   Academic Calendar            
2019 - 2020 Current Academic Year        
       2020-2021 Academic Year        
       2021 - 2022 Academic Year 
   Course Schedule            
    Programs & Courses            
Graduation Requirements        
       Degree Planning  
 Graduation Requirements - A.A. Liberal Education   
            Graduation Requirements - A.A.S. Social and       

                Behavioral Sciences    
       Memorandums of Understanding        
            Fond du Lac Tribal and Community College MOU   
              Bemidji State University MOU
              White Earth Tribal and Community College MOU   
              University of Minnesota - Crookston  MOU

    Medweganoonind Library            
Online Catalog        
       ELM4You Databases 

       American Indian History - Infobase

       The Ojibwe People's Dictionary

       Open Library - Digital Library      
       Library Handbook 
   Bremer Learning Center            

 Paying for College     

Tuition & Costs        
        Refund Policy       

    Apply for Financial Aid        
        Tuition & Costs    
        FAFSA Website    
        Virtual Financial Aid Office    

    Scholarships & Grants            
Notice of Availability of Financial Aid
            Financial Aid Rights and Responsibilities
            Financial Aid Policies and Procedures

Grad Ready

    Consumer Information Guide        

      Institutional and Student Information        
Academic Programs    
         Articulation Agreements (Memorandums of Understanding)               School and Program Accreditation    
         Voter Registration Forms

      Student Outcomes        
College Navigator    
         Student Body Diversity    
         Graduation Rates    
         Transfer Rates    
         Retention Rates    
         Placement in Employment    
         Job Placement Rates  

      Financial Information            
Contact Information for Assistance in Obtaining                                            Institutional or Financial Aid Information    
         Student Financial Aid Information    
         Cost of Attendance    
         Refund Policy, Requirements for Withdrawal and Return to                           Title IV Financial Aid    
         Net Price Calculator    
         Textbook Information    

     Health and Safety        
Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention Programs    
         Security Report    
         Awareness Programs    
         Prevention Programs  


Student Life

   Student Services    
         Emergency Grants
         Student Pantry
         Success Mentors
         Fitness Center
         Disability Services
         Career and Transfer Services


    Student Recognition    


    Campus Safety    
      MN Predatory Offender Site
          Red lake Sex Offender Registery
          Chemical Safety plan
          Science Department Chemicals
          Material Safety Data Sheets
          Drug/Alcohol Use Prevention
          Campus Safety Report 2018
          Campus Safety Report 2017


    Student Organizations    
      Student Government
          Student Podcast


    Diversity, Equity and Inclusivity    

    Migizi Bookstore    
        Required Texbooks

    Studio RLNC    



           Alumni Survey    
Extension and Community Education        
           Community Education    
           Continuing Education    
           Workforce Development    
Tribal Programs at RLNC        
            Oshkiimaajitahdah Café    
           Oshkiimaajitahdah Website
           College Café Facebook Page
       Waasabiik Immersion School 
           Waasabiik Website
           Waasabiik Facebook
           Waasabiik YouTube  


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