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Financial Aid

Cost should never be a barrier to attending Red Lake Nation College. Between grants, scholarships, and federal aid, the cost to attend should not be something that stops you from soaring with the eagles at RLNC. Both Native and non-Native students may be eligible for scholarships at Red Lake Nation College.

Our staff is here to help you through the process, every single step of the way.

Steps to Apply for Financial Aid at RLNC

  1. Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA):

  2. Check your Student Aid Report for your Expected Family Contribution (EFC) which can be found by logging into the FAFSA.

  3. Go to the RLNC website:

  4. Create an account.

  5. Click on the tab for Student Interview.

  6. Complete the Student Interview.

  7. It will ask for information on both parents, but you can choose one as “unknown.”

  8. If you have questions, contact the Financial Aid Specialist.

  9. Make sure to submit the interview when completed.


Financial Aid Programs

   RLNC participates in the following aid programs.

  • Federal:  Pell Grants, FWS, FSEOG.

  • State:  State of Minnesota, MN Indian Scholarship

  • Institutional:  Tuition-discount aid programs exist; these are detailed in the RLNC College Catalog.

  • Other:  Outside scholarships and grants are accepted; the Financial Aid Advisor completes any necessary institutional paperwork to enable students to receive such aid.

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