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In addition to governance by the Board of Regents, Red Lake Nation College staff and faculty members serve

on a variety of committees in an inclusive governance structure that harnesses our tribal liberal education strategies.  Committees use annual work plans to set goals, connect to the strategic plan, and provide data for decision-making.   

Assessment Committee  (Nindakobidoomin)

The Red Lake Nation College Assessment Committee embraces the principle that effective and meaningful assessment is an integral part of the educational process and supports data-driven decision making. Institutional and program assessment supports the mission of Red Lake Nation College by exercising Nibwaakaawin (wisdom).  Nibwaakaawin is an ongoing process that is acquired by gaining knowledge and improving skills.

Curriculum Committee  (Gaa-ozhiibii'amowaad Gikendaasowinan)

The Red Lake Nation College Curriculum Committee provides guidance and oversight to ensure that all curricula is sound, comprehensive and responsive to the evolving needs of students and the community. The Curriculum Committee is responsible for reviewing new and existing courses, reviewing syllabi and rubrics, aligning program goals and course objectives to assignments, and recommending action to the Vice President of Academic Affairs.

Events Committee  (Maawanji'idiwin)

The Red Lake Nation College Events Committee is responsible for planning events that promote the values of RLNC within the college and to the broader community. The events planned by this committee are designed to offer hope, encouragement and inspiration to students and community members.  This committee also demonstrates Zaagi’idiwin (Love) by demonstrating acceptance and supporting the empowerment of others. detail about your company.

Governance Committee  (Gaa-inaakonigewaad)

The Red Lake Nation College Governance Committee is responsible for revising and evaluating all RLNC policies and procedures. The Governance Committee exercises Gwayakwaadiziwin (Honesty), by communicating with others and transmitting information fairly and truthfully.  

EPortfolio Committee

The Red Lake Nation College Eportfolio Committee advances the use of ePortfolios at all levels campus-wide to support and demonstrate student learning, academic success, and personal, intellectual, professional, cultural, and civic development, and to help students make the most of all opportunities at RLNC. The committee will also recommend action to the Vice President of Academic Affairs. The ePorfolio Committee exercises Nibwaakawin (wisdom) by promoting student success while in attendance at RLNC and into the workforce and additional higher education.

PASS Committee  (Niwiidookawaanaanig Gaa-ishkweyaangewaad Waa-gikendaasowaad)

The Red Lake Nation College PASS (Progressive Academic Student Success) Committee strives to improve student retention through identification, monitoring and referral of students at risk of academic failure. The PASS Committee identifies ways to successfully intervene when students are experiencing personal obstacles that prevent them from finding success.  The PASS Committee also identifies students who have achieved honors and awards and provides them with well-deserved recognition.  The PASS Committee promotes all of the RLNC values by recognizing those who are exhibiting these values and supporting and encouraging those who are not. These values include: Dabasendizowin (Humility),  Debwewin (Truth),  Zoongide’iwin (Courage), Gwayakwaadiziwin (Honesty),  Manaaji’idiwin (Respect),  Zaagi’idiwin (Love) and Nibwaakaawin (Wisdom).

Campus Safety & Security Committee

The Red Lake Nation College Campus Safety & Security Committee is responsible for informing and preparing the students and staff of Red Lake Nation College in all safety issues. The committee exercises Zaagi'idiwin (Love) and Manaaii'idiwin (Respect) through open communication and determined practice of safety rules and regulations in order to protect and serve the Red Lake Nation College community. 

Strategic Planning Committee

The Red Lake Nation College Strategic Planning Committee is responsible for overseeing the progress of the RLNC Strategic Plan. This plan serves to provide the overall, general direction for the college's development, set major goals, and to monitor continuous growth and improvement. The committee exercises Gwayakwaadiziwin (Honesty) and Nibwaakaawin (Wisdom) by evaluating the progress of RLNC using objective and honest measures in order to use our collective wisdom to make goals for future improvements. 

Technology Committee  

The Red Lake Nation College Technology Committee provides guidance and oversight to ensure the use of technology supports the college's mission and meets the needs of the staff and students. The Red Lake Technology Committee exercises Zaagi’idiwin (Love) by demonstrating a commitment to help the college’s community use technology in the most effective way possible.

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