Land Grant Programs

Extension (USDA-NIFA) - Ongoing

Community Mental Health Addressed Through Cultural Connections and Experiential Therapy


The Red Lake Nation College Extension Program focuses on community mental health and wellness and interactions with natural resources through Ojibwe traditional practices. We have in-person and online workshops in traditional practices, mental and physical health, and cultural connections for students and community members of all ages.  A new healing garden is also being established. See  [Link to Extension Web Page] for more details.


Other RLNC Extension Program awards include:


Healing Garden and Traditional Foodways Workshops 

North Central Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (SARE) Garden and Workshops - 2021 ($5,000)

Supports development of the RLNC Extension Program healing garden located in the back of the college campus and traditional food workshops for students and community members.


EXCITE - 2021-22 ($26,794)

Extension Collaboration on Immunization Teaching and Engagement Covid-19 Focus: Vaccinate with Confidence (Activity 1)

This is an extension collaboration on COVID-19 immunization teaching and engagement for students. 

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Equity (USDA-NIFA) - Ongoing

Institutional Capacity Building: Development and Presentation of Curriculum and Instructional Materials to Enhance Student Learning

Focuses on curricula design and materials development to enhance student learning by making lessons more engaging, relevant, and culturally responsive to the educational needs and interests of our Native students.


Research (USDA-NIFA) - 2020-22 ($60,000)

Soil Properties and Impacts of Cover Crops:

Student Research at Red Lake Nation College

This is a collaboration between RLNC and the Grossman Lab at UMN-Twin Cities.  Each RLNC student research intern is paired with a UMN graduate student mentor.  Cover crop research plots have just been established on the Red Lake farm by the 3 interns in 2021 and the Grossman Lab team.  Student interns will collect data on cover crops, insect visitors, and soil properties and present research posters on their results in collaboration with their mentors.


Facilities Support (USDA- RD) -  Annual

This annual funding is available through the USDA-Rural Development Tribal College Initiative Grants program. At RLNC, we use it to support building maintenance equipment, computer replacement cycle, vehicles, and other equipment needs.

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