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Strategic Planning

All RLNC operations are guided by the Institutional Strategic Plan.

All strategic planning goals align with the mission of Red Lake Nation College:  

To provide excellent higher education that is grounded in the Ojibwe language and culture of the Red Lake Nation.  

The Strategic Plan is reviewed and updated annually by the Strategic Planning Committee.


RLNC Continuous Improvement Circles


The Strategic Planning process is a continuous cycle that ensures continuous improvement:

  1. Review mission, vision, and values

  2. Scan the environment

  3. Identify strategic issues

  4. Develop and refine goals and objectives

  5. Set outcomes and refine vision

  6. measure progress

Strategic Planning Goals​

I.  Being purposeful 21st century leaders


Goal Alignment:  

To harness the innate and individual leadership abilities of students through the delivery of a value-based learning environment

III.  Passion for Growth


​Goal Alignment:

To cultivate a mindset of evaluation, improvement, and innovation

V.  Breakthrough performance environment


Goal Alignment:

To provide a solution-based working environment based on accurate data and information

II  Relentless Innovation

VR Campus .jpg

Goal Alignment:

To pursue learning strategies and technologies that utilize creative solutions to extend the academic knowledge base in key subject areas

IV.  Holistic student success

2019-20 Officers 3.jpg

​Goal Alignment:

To shape the future of RLNC through student experience, oneness, and feedback

VI.  Language revitalization & cultural preservation

Ogidaakii Singers.jpg

Goal Alignment:

To provide place-based Indigenous knowledge of the Red Lake Nation

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