Board of Regents

Red Lake Nation College has an independent governing board that possesses and exercises the necessary legal power to establish and review the basic policies that govern the institution. The Red Lake Nation College Board of Regents is responsible to the Sovereign Nation of the Red Lake Band of Chippewa Indians and sensitive to their hopes, ambitions, and needs. The Board has the responsibility of formulating policy for the College, as well as providing oversight and control.

Next public Board of Regents meeting will be held: October 8th at noon in the Board Room


For more information on the individual BOR members, click on their picture. To request archived meeting minutes and agendas, please contact us at 218-679-2860 or

RLNC Board of Regents Vacancy Notice 

July 19, 2021

The Red Lake Nation College (RLNC) Board of Regents is seeking nominations from interested Red Lake Band Members to fill two vacancies for RLNC Board of Regents positions.  The two positions will be open for application from 7/19/21 through 8/18/21 at 5pm.

The two positions are for seats from the following two communities:

  • One Board seat from a Member from the Ponemah Community, four-year term

  • One Board seat from a Member from the Red Lake Community, four-year term


Qualifications of potential RLNC Board Members include:

  • Each candidate for membership will demonstrate a long-term interest in education and job training.

  • Each candidate for membership will demonstrate a high degree of ethical standards and community service.

  • Each candidate for membership will be an enrolled member in the Red Lake Band of Chippewa Indians.

  • All candidates for membership will have successfully completed 48 semester hours at the post-secondary level unless waived by the Board of Regents.

  • Each candidate for membership shall have at least a general knowledge of post-secondary education.

  • Each candidate for membership, excluding the RLNC student representative Board Member, will be at least twenty-five years of age.

  • Two (2) members of the Board of Regents shall be elected from each of the four voting districts of the Red Lake Indian Reservation; a Red Lake Nation College student, elected annually by the Student Council of the Red Lake Nation College to serve as their Student Council President, shall sit on the Board as a non-voting member.


Selection of the two new Board members will be by election and vote among the current Board Members (excluding the two Board Members up for election) following the above-listed qualifications.


Any individual interested in RLNC Board Membership must complete a Nomination Application.  To apply, send your materials to Floyd Jourdain, Director of Equity, Cultural Education, and Archives, at   

For any other questions, please feel free to also contact Dan King, President, at for more information.