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Post-Secondary Enrollment Options (PSEO)


Red Lake Nation College offers high school sophomores, juniors and seniors access to college level courses through the Postsecondary Enrollment Option (PSEO) program.

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Career Explorations Class -  Fall 2019

From left to right: Alycia Infante, Nataya Neadeau, Santana Cloud, Shawn Chaboyea, Kendrick Sayers, and Instructor Mandy Schram

PSEO (High School) Student Elibility

Students who rank in the upper 25% of their graduating class are eligible to enroll in 100 level courses to meet their high school graduation requirements, often starting with FYEX 1100 First Year Experience. Sophomores may only enroll in career or technical education courses. Students who don’t rank in the top 25% may still be eligible if they receive a recommendation letter from a high school counselor or administrator.The PSEO program covers the cost of tuition, fees and books.  PSEO students cannot take developmental courses (numbered below 1000).

In order to be admitted as a PSEO student, students must determine eligibility for admission by consulting with their high school counselor. If the student is eligible, the application includes the following:

  • Admissions Application

  • High School Transcript

  • Minnesota Department of Education [MDE] PSEO Notice of Student Registration Form

  • Tribal Enrollment/Verification Form, if applicable (Tribal enrollment card or certification letter acceptable)

  • Accuplacer Placement Test and RLNC Technology test to determine the appropriate sequence of classes

  • Vaccination/Immunization Record (if applicable)


It is best to visit with one’s high school counselor to find out exactly how many credits are needed at the College to meet high school requirements for graduation. PSEO students are allowed to take only six (6) semester credits per term at RLNC. The Vice President of Operations and Academic Affairs, the high school counselor and/or principal must approve any requests for a heavier credit load.

Once admitted, students must maintain a 2.0 or above grade point average (GPA) each term to remain eligible for the program. Provided the classes are successfully passed, credits will be awarded through RLNC.  A college transcript will be established, just as it is for every RLNC student. This is a permanent record, and credits can be transferred to another college at the discretion of the transferring institution. If a class, which is required for high school graduation, is not passed, the student might not be able to graduate with their high school class.

All RLNC PSEO students are assigned a student success counselor and a faculty advisor (the instructor of the course) who act as liaisons between RLNC, the student, high school officials, and parents, when necessary.  This person is the official point of contact for PSEO students whenever they have questions or concerns about their classes or administrative issues at the College.

A PSEO student may officially withdraw from college courses within the first twelve (12) weeks of classes (the Last Day to Officially Withdraw is listed for each semester in the Academic Calendar, found in the RLNC Catalog, in the Student Handbook, and on the RLNC website). All withdrawals must be officially made through the Registrar’s Office. PSEO students must also contact their high school counselor to inform them of their decision to withdraw. After the withdrawal date has passed, the student is expected to finish the term or meet with a college advisor regarding their continued enrollment, as withdrawing from a class may affect meeting high school graduation requirements.  

PSEO students are not eligible for on-campus work-study or regular payroll positions.

Information for High Schools

Red Lake Nation College offers courses to students in the following modalities, although most classes are offered via hyflex in which students can attend in person or online on any given day.

  • Face-to-Face

  • Hyflex

  • Hybrid

  • Online Synchronous

  • Online Asynchronous

High school students may participate in classes from their homes or high schools.  Students may also participate in classes in person on the Red Lake Campus or at the Minneapolis Site. 


The Vice President of Operations and Academic Affairs also works with high schools to provide separate course offerings in the respective high schools if there are enough students to support an additional section. 


High school administrators who are interested in learning more about PSEO agreements should contact Mandy Schram, Vice President of Operations and Academic Affairs at

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