Emergency Aid

Through the Great Lakes Emergency Grant Fund, Red Lake Nation College distributes funds to students who may be in danger of dropping out due to unforeseen financial emergencies. These emergency grants have helped to assist our students overcome otherwise insurmountable obstacles to their academic success.

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Student Testimonials

"I bought a lemon of a truck, it's been a lot of trouble and costly.  However, this is the vehicle I use to get back and forth to college and my two great grandchildren ride in this truck as well.  I needed to get my brakes fixed and didn't have the money to do so. The emergency financial assistance provided the help I needed to keep me going to school with perfect attendance.  I have biology this semester and can't afford to miss a day."

"I recently got approved for the emergency aid, to help fix my car to be able to attend ALL my classes without worrying if the vehicle was going to give out on me. The repairs helped me make it to classes and find a job on the campus for the time being.  I am a first year student and coming to the Red Lake College has been both beneficial and rewarding in my 1st experience with post-secondary schooling. I would like to thank the college for putting on programs such as the emergency aid as it’s helped tremendously with vehicle repairs so I could focus on my bills and other needs for school and not having to worry about transportation."

"Hi, I would like to thank Red Lake Nation College and the emergency aid fund for helping me with repairs on my vehicle. I can now not only make it to class, but I can also make it to appointments, get groceries, etc. This is my third semester at RLNC and I am planning on graduating in the next school year. I am also a single parent and my daughter attends the daycare here on campus. Again, thanks for the help."

"Boozhoo, I would like to thank the emergency aid program for paying my light bill in my time of need. For one it is December so the funds were greatly needed since Christmas was around the corner, being I have 7 children total to have Christmas for. Also being that my husband is missing, I have not been to work (currently still missing) so it helped out a lot. I didn't have to worry about not paying my lights, which means that my bill next month isn't twice as high. I aced all my classes with good grades, and got to study for all my finals being I had one less thing to worry about for the month of December. Again it was greatly appreciated. Miigwech."