Student Life

Student Life

   Student Services    
         Emergency Grants
         Student Pantry
         Success Mentors
         Fitness Center
         Disability Services
         Career and Transfer Services


    Student Recognition    


    Campus Safety    
      MN Predatory Offender Site
          Red lake Sex Offender Registery
          Chemical Safety plan
          Science Department Chemicals
          Material Safety Data Sheets
          Drug/Alcohol Use Prevention
          Campus Safety Report 2018
          Campus Safety Report 2017


    Student Organizations    
      Student Government
          Student Podcast


    Diversity, Equity and Inclusivity    

    Migizi Bookstore    
        Required Texbooks

    Studio RLNC    


Frequently asked questions

What do I have to do to sign up for school?

In order to sign up for classes at Red Lake Nation College, you must first go through the admissions process. See a Student Success Counselor for details. You can also visit our Admissions page on this website for access to the online admissions application and other required documentation.

How do I pick out my classes?

Before you choose your classes, make sure you have taken the Accuplacer and Technology placement tests. See a Student Success Counselor for class registration.

How do I apply for emergency aid?

Stop and see a Student Success Counselor who will direct you to the website to complete the application ( The Emergency Aid Committee reviews all applications and makes the final decision regarding any aid that is distributed. Make sure you attach quotes for emergency aid requested.

Where can I get help with transportation?

See a Student Success Counselor who will ask you to complete a survey for a gas card or bus pass.