Student Government

The Student Government is composed of eight student representatives from the student body. RLNC student members, through annual elections, will select students to serve on the Student Government. It is the responsibility of the Student Government to conduct business according to its approved By-laws.


The Student Government’s responsibilities are:

  • To engage in and/or coordinate activities necessary for the purpose of advocating and supporting endeavors by the Student Members or by the RLNC, providing that such endeavors focus on promoting quality in American Indian Higher Education.

  • To conduct regular and special business meetings of the Student Governmentas may be deemed necessary to fulfill the purpose and responsibilities of the organization.

  • To inform all constituents of the Student Government of all pertinent business actions and organizational activities of the Student Government.

  • To communicate student concerns to Administration.

  • To develop a yearly budget and allocate student fee.

Student Government Officers consist of a President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. Membership in this organization is open to any student at RLNC. Students are encouraged to meet the Student Government's monthly meetings. This organization does not discriminate on the basis of disability, ethnicity, race, religion, creed or sexual orientation.

Please contact Student Services for more information.

Student Government Officers 2019-20