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RLNC Innovation Center


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Remote Learning Space.jpg

The Red Lake Nation College Innovation Center, located on the ground floor of the Red Lake Campus, opened in 2022. It is a place where students, faculty, and staff can get help and hands-on experience with the latest technologies with the goal of creatively using technology to create online media content for assignments and classroom use.  

The Innovation Center is staffed with a full-time Innovation Center Coordinator who maintains the institution’s educational equipment, hardware, educational technology platform, integrated external applications, and is available to train and support RLNC students, faculty, and staff.  

Recording Studios


The Innovation Center houses an audio recording studio, suitable for recording, editing, and producing podcasts, such as RLNC's  Gikendaasowin Podcasts. It also has space and equipment for video production.

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Video Space.jpg
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